Wednesday, November 5, 2008

APOWG (Another Pissed-Off White Guy)

Well why not make my first post about, what else, the election of Barack HUSSEIN (funny how you never hear about that middle name anymore) Obama. This will be short because I am sure you are tired of hearing about him and the election, etc. The headline on Yahoo said it all... "Change has come to America".

OK, so what are we saying here? Simply because Obama is black something amazing has been achieved? Let's not forget he has not even spent one day on the job and "Change has come to America"!?

I guess no other presidential election or event (except maybe the end of slavery or the civil rights movement of the 60's) has had any signifigance or produced anything noteworthy except this one? And no other white president really supported minority issues or human rights simply because they were white? Can this message of "change" be simply translated as "as long as there is a non-white in charge everything is gonna be fantastic"?

I am enjoying watching all the far-left liberal whites in America and abroad congratulating themselves on how progressive and right they were. How vindicated and glorious they feel. What's next? Britain elects a Pakistani or Nigerian for "change" because obviously after over 1,000 years of civilization the white Englishmen have no idea how to run a nation.

Be careful what you wish for people.

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