Friday, November 7, 2008

Some of my Best Friends are White

Alright, I just want to be clear about something here. Despite what you may think I am not a racist - I just have a problem with people of any race who are hypocrites. And I am not a self-hating white person either. On the contrary; I am very proud of my Euro American heritage. Unfortunately, that is somehow a bad thing nowadays. Again, the hypocrisy of Western society and how we have emboldened non-whites to challenge our right to exist in our own countries is what angers me.

I have complete respect for members of minority communities when they stand up and say "we are proud of who we are because of our accomplishments, etc". But, if you are a minority and you feel entitlement or want some sort of apology from me for events which took place hundreds of years ago; or you want me to believe that you are in your current situation because of lingering sentiments and latent racism, etc. from white people - that's when I get pissed off!

That includes towards my no#1 enemy: the white sycophant, liberal, special interest group enablers! These are the people who are really holding the non-whites "down" by convincing them that there is still some global conspiracy of white evildoers trying to abuse and exploit them.

Please someone prove me wrong and I will shut up. Let's see some evidence of blatant, organized and state sanctioned discrimination perpetrated by whites against minorities. All I see all over the world is whites foolishly trying their best to save everybody and everything, yet somehow all you hear about STILL is how "bad" we are and how we have not done enough for the "less fortunate" - can anybody explain this?

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