Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Own Worst Enemies

Here are some examples of what I think is wrong in my world: International organizations which are mostly funded and staffed by white people but which have no vested interest in providing any help to white people and whom take every opportunity to vilify whites even as they demand we "do more" for the non-whites of the world.

The UN ex: The Kyoto Protocol demands strict compliance from the West yet winks at "developing" countries China and India. In other words it's OK for everyone else to destroy the planet as long as the white people clean up the mess and pay for everyone else to continue their destructive behavior.

The EU ex: Recently denounces Israel for building security wall and cutting off supplies to Gaza Strip. Europe continually sides with the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict. They are always quick to denounce Israel for defending it's people and land while at the same time conveniently ignoring the terrorist acts of Hamas and other militant groups.

The BBC ex: More radically left (if that is possible) than CNN. Just watch a few hours of their broadcasts and you will be bombarded with story after story about "these poor people in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East - Why aren't you doing more to help them?" It will make you wonder if Al Jazeera or the UN is actually producing the show. There is not one shred of news on any given day about Britain. Strange since this is "British Broadcasting", right? Hard to believe how far down the hand-wringing, apologetic, white-guilt path this once great nation has gone. Pathetic.

Amnesty Int'l ex: Go to the AI website and you will be hard-pressed to find any condemnations of the real criminals, dictators, warlords and rogue nations on this planet yet what you will find is plenty of anti-US/Europe rhetoric about how "bad" our human rights records are, how we should be more open to refugees from every third world toilet in the world and how the Bali bombers should not have been executed because "killing people is not the answer" What?

To be continued...VKF

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