Wednesday, November 19, 2008

International Embarassment off the port side, Skipper!

Check out these two stories:

I love the first one with the quote from the Dutch Naval officer about not being able to pursue the pirates into Somali waters while acknowledging that there is no proper government in place to ask permission to enter!? WTF???

ATTENTION STUPID WHITE PEOPLE: wouldn't this mean that the powerful navies currently patrolling the waters can kick ass on these turds and no one will give a (pun intended) shit? It is easier to beg forgiveness than for permission! I say call their bluff about killing hostages! Start blowing these turds out of the water one by one and you will see their activities decrease cause I don't think the 'paying the ransom' part is working out too well is it?

Please bring back the days when white folks were kicking ass all over the world and didn't give a shit about what anyone said! Oh wait, that's what conquest and colonialism was about which then created the Somali pirates and every other problem outside the West, right?

At least the Indian Navy (2nd link) had the balls to take real action!

Can anyone give me an example of a former European/US colony or territory which has done anything useful with its' independence? This my friends is the root of white guilt. All of the wars, slavery, plunder and other crimes our ancestors visited upon the world have come back full circle on us, well maybe you, because I believe if we still lived in those days I could walk down the street in anycity USA after dark and not worry about being robbed or killed by a dark person. And ships could pass by Somalia and not be hijacked. And, well you get the idea. VKF

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