Monday, November 24, 2008

Is This Seat Taken?

Alright, as promised, more evidence of how we don't deserve to inhabit this planet any longer. If you have the song "The End" by the Doors...yeah slap that on and read this shit!

Sorry, the link has expired but I can sum it up for you like this...a federal judge in Canada ruled that Canadian airlines are now required to provide 2 airline seats to fat-ass canucks who cannot fit in the 1 normal sized seat and they must do so at no extra cost! So, if I am an alcoholic (a disease just like obesity, right?), can I get free drinks?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talking Out Loud (online) Again

If you are confused about where America's identity crisis originated check out this blog entry from Greg Gutfeld. Informative and funny.,2933,449204,00.html

Also on this subject here is something to ponder; If the stupid white people get there way in a few generations there will be no place on earth that the Caucasian race can call their 'homeland' any longer.

Think about it - for the last 40 years or so the white-guilt self-haters have been falling over themselves ensuring that immigration to once white-dominated areas (North America, Europe, Australia) is not only encouraged but forced upon the existing population. We have also been forced by our own elected governments to surpress our national identities and traditions so as not to offend. As if now because of all this self-imposed diversity we have to be ashamed to be white?

In addition, the stupid white people use government money to fund countless international programs for food aid, reconstruction, health care, etc. for people who hate us. So even if they all can't come to our countries then the least we can do is give away billions of dollars to make their lives more comfy. WHY? I just don't see the incentive in doing this.

When we become minorities in our 'homelands' and face extinction because of forced, rampant non-white immigration and over-population do we really think the rest of the world is gonna join hands, hug and come up with a plan to save us? Will there be TV ads in Zimbabwe showing starving white children with a 1-800 number to send money to? Will the UN pressure other nations to give us aid? DON'T THINK SO.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

International Embarassment off the port side, Skipper!

Check out these two stories:

I love the first one with the quote from the Dutch Naval officer about not being able to pursue the pirates into Somali waters while acknowledging that there is no proper government in place to ask permission to enter!? WTF???

ATTENTION STUPID WHITE PEOPLE: wouldn't this mean that the powerful navies currently patrolling the waters can kick ass on these turds and no one will give a (pun intended) shit? It is easier to beg forgiveness than for permission! I say call their bluff about killing hostages! Start blowing these turds out of the water one by one and you will see their activities decrease cause I don't think the 'paying the ransom' part is working out too well is it?

Please bring back the days when white folks were kicking ass all over the world and didn't give a shit about what anyone said! Oh wait, that's what conquest and colonialism was about which then created the Somali pirates and every other problem outside the West, right?

At least the Indian Navy (2nd link) had the balls to take real action!

Can anyone give me an example of a former European/US colony or territory which has done anything useful with its' independence? This my friends is the root of white guilt. All of the wars, slavery, plunder and other crimes our ancestors visited upon the world have come back full circle on us, well maybe you, because I believe if we still lived in those days I could walk down the street in anycity USA after dark and not worry about being robbed or killed by a dark person. And ships could pass by Somalia and not be hijacked. And, well you get the idea. VKF

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Right on Cue

Here we go again. The self-hating white lefties in the media further thier cause of demonizing 'racist white America' . I wonder why the stories about white people all over the world who are robbed, raped and killed by blacks/browns never seem to scream from the headlines? Where is the outrage over that? I forgot...truth = racism in the West, and a white person can never be the victim of a hate crime, right? VKF

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Own Worst Enemies

Here are some examples of what I think is wrong in my world: International organizations which are mostly funded and staffed by white people but which have no vested interest in providing any help to white people and whom take every opportunity to vilify whites even as they demand we "do more" for the non-whites of the world.

The UN ex: The Kyoto Protocol demands strict compliance from the West yet winks at "developing" countries China and India. In other words it's OK for everyone else to destroy the planet as long as the white people clean up the mess and pay for everyone else to continue their destructive behavior.

The EU ex: Recently denounces Israel for building security wall and cutting off supplies to Gaza Strip. Europe continually sides with the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict. They are always quick to denounce Israel for defending it's people and land while at the same time conveniently ignoring the terrorist acts of Hamas and other militant groups.

The BBC ex: More radically left (if that is possible) than CNN. Just watch a few hours of their broadcasts and you will be bombarded with story after story about "these poor people in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East - Why aren't you doing more to help them?" It will make you wonder if Al Jazeera or the UN is actually producing the show. There is not one shred of news on any given day about Britain. Strange since this is "British Broadcasting", right? Hard to believe how far down the hand-wringing, apologetic, white-guilt path this once great nation has gone. Pathetic.

Amnesty Int'l ex: Go to the AI website and you will be hard-pressed to find any condemnations of the real criminals, dictators, warlords and rogue nations on this planet yet what you will find is plenty of anti-US/Europe rhetoric about how "bad" our human rights records are, how we should be more open to refugees from every third world toilet in the world and how the Bali bombers should not have been executed because "killing people is not the answer" What?

To be continued...VKF

Monday, November 10, 2008

If you are interested in reading some good stuff from the other side check out M. Malkins' top story forum today. Great reality check for those who need a break from all the Brobama ass-licking.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some of my Best Friends are White

Alright, I just want to be clear about something here. Despite what you may think I am not a racist - I just have a problem with people of any race who are hypocrites. And I am not a self-hating white person either. On the contrary; I am very proud of my Euro American heritage. Unfortunately, that is somehow a bad thing nowadays. Again, the hypocrisy of Western society and how we have emboldened non-whites to challenge our right to exist in our own countries is what angers me.

I have complete respect for members of minority communities when they stand up and say "we are proud of who we are because of our accomplishments, etc". But, if you are a minority and you feel entitlement or want some sort of apology from me for events which took place hundreds of years ago; or you want me to believe that you are in your current situation because of lingering sentiments and latent racism, etc. from white people - that's when I get pissed off!

That includes towards my no#1 enemy: the white sycophant, liberal, special interest group enablers! These are the people who are really holding the non-whites "down" by convincing them that there is still some global conspiracy of white evildoers trying to abuse and exploit them.

Please someone prove me wrong and I will shut up. Let's see some evidence of blatant, organized and state sanctioned discrimination perpetrated by whites against minorities. All I see all over the world is whites foolishly trying their best to save everybody and everything, yet somehow all you hear about STILL is how "bad" we are and how we have not done enough for the "less fortunate" - can anybody explain this?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

APOWG (Another Pissed-Off White Guy)

Well why not make my first post about, what else, the election of Barack HUSSEIN (funny how you never hear about that middle name anymore) Obama. This will be short because I am sure you are tired of hearing about him and the election, etc. The headline on Yahoo said it all... "Change has come to America".

OK, so what are we saying here? Simply because Obama is black something amazing has been achieved? Let's not forget he has not even spent one day on the job and "Change has come to America"!?

I guess no other presidential election or event (except maybe the end of slavery or the civil rights movement of the 60's) has had any signifigance or produced anything noteworthy except this one? And no other white president really supported minority issues or human rights simply because they were white? Can this message of "change" be simply translated as "as long as there is a non-white in charge everything is gonna be fantastic"?

I am enjoying watching all the far-left liberal whites in America and abroad congratulating themselves on how progressive and right they were. How vindicated and glorious they feel. What's next? Britain elects a Pakistani or Nigerian for "change" because obviously after over 1,000 years of civilization the white Englishmen have no idea how to run a nation.

Be careful what you wish for people.