Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talking Out Loud (online) Again

If you are confused about where America's identity crisis originated check out this blog entry from Greg Gutfeld. Informative and funny.,2933,449204,00.html

Also on this subject here is something to ponder; If the stupid white people get there way in a few generations there will be no place on earth that the Caucasian race can call their 'homeland' any longer.

Think about it - for the last 40 years or so the white-guilt self-haters have been falling over themselves ensuring that immigration to once white-dominated areas (North America, Europe, Australia) is not only encouraged but forced upon the existing population. We have also been forced by our own elected governments to surpress our national identities and traditions so as not to offend. As if now because of all this self-imposed diversity we have to be ashamed to be white?

In addition, the stupid white people use government money to fund countless international programs for food aid, reconstruction, health care, etc. for people who hate us. So even if they all can't come to our countries then the least we can do is give away billions of dollars to make their lives more comfy. WHY? I just don't see the incentive in doing this.

When we become minorities in our 'homelands' and face extinction because of forced, rampant non-white immigration and over-population do we really think the rest of the world is gonna join hands, hug and come up with a plan to save us? Will there be TV ads in Zimbabwe showing starving white children with a 1-800 number to send money to? Will the UN pressure other nations to give us aid? DON'T THINK SO.

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