Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ape Shall not Kill Ape

Been a while since I vented here on the blog.
Instead of the annual anti-Christian bashing and the terrorist attacks in India; a recent event I would like to comment on is the current 'crisis in the Middle East'. Specifically the ass-whupping Israel is handing out to Hamas on the Gaza Strip!

Let me start with a question; why is the EU and Europeans in general so anti-Israel and anti-semetic? I am not Jewish so could someone please share some history or theory as to why this is 'cause I don't get it. Yeah, Judaism is a different religion, but they are white too! We have to stick together. Its as if the Europeans have already envisioned a day in the not-so-distant future where they are themselves living under Islam so they continually side with the terrorists so that they will recieve leniency later on?

I think Israel is doing the right thing and should do more. Hell, why stop at Gaza? Go all the way to Iran! Look, the root of this crisis is not only political, religious and historical. It's evolutionary. The Arab peoples are still living in the stone age with their tribal societies, backwards religion and superstitious thinking. They, like many peoples of this planet have not evolved yet so they cannot reason like we can. They only understand violence and death because it appeals to the primal extincts which control their emotions and decision making process.

And what do the white people do? Demonstrate in the streets and shout anti-US/Israel insults alongside the same people who would love nothing better than to destroy them and thier families. When the end comes it will not matter whose side you were on - only the color of your skin and your god. But, don't believe me and keep self-hating white people. I am sure when they cut off your head you will think you deserved it. I will too :)

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