Monday, April 26, 2010

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious (Yes)

It seems the top buzz word of 2009, "racism", has carried over to 2010!

If you don't like Obama, and you are white - you're a racist.

If you live in Arizona, are white and you are tired of crime committed by illegal immigrants and you want something done about it - you're a racist.

If you want your kids to go to a good school and you move to a good neighborhood with a majority of white people - you're a racist.

If you support the War on Terror and the profiling of arabs currently in the U.S. - then you are an anti-Muslim racist.

Oh, and if you are a white Republican, conservative, veteran, Christian, or just consider yourself a patriot then according to the current ruling elites in Washington - you are most likely a racist and a terrorist and a homophobic nazi as well.

My fellow blogger RFD summed it up perfectly recently on Yahoo Buzz...

"There are various names for the ideology of the elite. Some call it “political correctness.” Others call it “Cultural Marxism.” But the labels don’t matter as long as one understands what is going on: the ruling elites are waging a cultural and racial war against Western values, Western civilization, and particularly Western man, i.e., the white man. In the name of the feel-good mantras of diversity and multiculturalism, all the values of traditional white civilization have been declared bad and everything opposed to them declared good. Every idea, attitude, and institution that protects the white race and promotes its continued existence is being destroyed, as a precondition for the physical destruction of the race itself.
No arena of life is spared this agenda’s icy grip. Every movie, television show, news story, book, and sermon must advance it, under the watchful eye of an army of censors and snitches demanding unyielding fidelity to the agenda. No argument or evidence is allowed to challenge it."


Sound familiar? It should because this is what is happening. Not just in the U.S. but in every country that currently holds a white majority. What baffles me is that the downfall of our race is being enabled BY our race. We make the laws and we are creating the conditions for this to take place. Why?

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