Sunday, December 27, 2009

Was That a Rhetorical Question?

I will fill in the answer blanks for the following question "how did this happen?" for you; the answer is "Hysterical Political Correctness and White Guilt".

A Muslim man with radical views is allowed to become an Army Officer and years later he murders 13 of his fellow soldiers. Whoops, the signs were there but we better not say anything. Don't want to state the obvious that ALL Muslims are suspicious and potential killers - even the ones in our Army.

A Nigerian terrorist attempts to blow up a plane bound for the US. No doubt the gentle Dutch were too busy searching white grandmas to bother with this turd who was already on a terrorist watch list! Don't want to offend any black folks, right?

Illegal aliens commit the majority of violent crimes in border states yet the police are not allowed to profile them based on their "immigration status" because immigration policies are the responsibility of the Federal government.

Minorities are put into positions of great responsibility in our government, the military and in private industry and when most fail miserably it's conveniently covered up in order to preserve the myth that Affirmative Action is actually working.

Since the end of WWII and the end of the European colonial period, liberal politicians throughout Europe have ensured the future demise of their proud heritage and traditions by forcing lax immigration and "cultural sensitivity" policies on the populace which favor the interlopers while further marginalizing their own kind.

In all of these examples it is easy to see how PC bullshit and White Guilt have led to the changing (or selective enforcement) of laws, the lowering of standards, the shifting of economic and political power, and the blurring of cultural lines all in the name of "diversity and fairness". It's now endemic in the West with no sign of letting up. God save us from our own craven leaders and the onslaught of the mud people! VKF

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