Monday, November 23, 2009

Gerge Lopez the Late Night Racist

Y'know I thought maybe I was being too sensitive when I was watching the new George Lopez show, but I guess I am not alone in my opinion that he is a racist. His monologue contains racists jokes aimed mostly at whites and anyone else who is non-latino. I don't think illegal immigration or the idea of Mexicans wiping their asses with spinach so white people get ecoli particularly funny. Do you?

Of course he will be allowed to continue to say these things because he is not white. If a white comedian says anything even remotely off-color about any person of color or ethnicity he/she will be promptly fired and outed on national TV by the liberal media and Al Sharpton. Where is the media outcry over Lopez' anti-white rants? Do you hear that? S i l e n c e.

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